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He controlled himself only where the British had dictated so. However, on the whole, he was successful. It is then as good as suicidal.

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Nanak, the pioneer of Sikhism, is a bright example of failure. He was poor. On the other hand, the Maharaja, who is an example of success, who suppressed all the enemies of the Sikhs undaunted by all adversities, eruption of whose fire set afire the evening sky of the setting sun of the Mughol empire at the advent of the rise of the British, what did he leave behind for the Sikhs?

Guru Gobind Singh

It was disunity, mistrust and lack of discipline. To-day, the Sikhs have stagnated, reduced to a small community. I am sure, the Poet would have been very happy to see how the Sikhs to-day are dominating the mainstream of our national life also, besides the army barracks, if he were among us. Guru Govind moulded the Sikhs for a specific need and so that it does not slip into oblivion, he firmly stamped this need in their nomenclature and attire.

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Thus, the Sikhs were caught in the mould of that specific need and of course attained solidarity. There are a lot of such examples of man dwarfing his nobility for the immediate need and sacrifice of humans at the altar of the urge for shortsighted gain is going on. To me, the end of Sikh history seems sad. When the river with destination sea emerges from the snow white peak of lofty mountain only to be lost into a midway desert and loses its momentum forgetting its own music, that futility is tragic. The Sikh history had its slips, due to temptation of revenge or other narrow objectives, from a wider fulfillment in the field of humanism, neither had lesser success within national limits.

The empire of Ranjit Singh was his exclusive. He could not transmit their resolution further beyond. Guru Govind and Shivaji were more or less contemporaries while the liberalism of Akbar declined resulting in provocation by the Mughols of all non-Muslim religions and communities for a defensive stand. All the internal and external shocks at that time sponsored a religious enterprise at various places in India. The turmoil in the Hindu religious life then crystallized around various saints, particularly in the Deccan, and had manifestation in various missions.

Again, in the west, the new inspiration of Sikhism overflowed the hearts of the Sikhs. That is why, the Mughol atrocities could not stifle it. On the contrary, it fanned up like a fire. Notwithstanding the identical external blows and the internal inspirations, their manifestations through Guru Govind and Shivaji were different in nature. Guru Govind had many battles with the Mughols, but in a haphazard manner. Revenge and self-defence were their main objectives.

His two sons were slain before his eyes in a battle. A quote from Dr. It was not manifestation of a communal emotion, but an enterprise for a great objective. Yet, both Sikh and Maratha history ended in similar futility. The reason for this is, an objective cannot be pervasive countrywide based on the dreams of a few.

Essay on guru angad dev ji

If the welfare meant for all cannot be established in their heart, but remains confined among few, it loses its character and turns into a menace for all. It could not be so had the communication channels of this ideal among the masses remained open. In that case the great inspiration would get its nourishment in its great receptacle, as the fire of a near extinguishing piece of wood may catch another for its flare up if placed in a stack. Repeatedly we have noted in our country uprising of vitality only to lose its continuity.

Great men come and pass away as the natural advantages to hold and nourish their inspirations are missing here. The reason for this is disunity. Dr Kamalroop Singh View the event live at www.

Introduction to Sikhism

Organised by Khalsa Heritage California. The book is available from most OUP sites in the world. Written for the Oxford University Press India blog. It was composed in a volatile period to inspire the Sikh warriors in the battle against the Moghuls, and many of the compositions were written for the rituals related to the preparation for war Shastra puja and for the battlefield. The book covers different aspects of Sikh shastars and other weapons. Sections de cette page. Se connecter. Plus tard.

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