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Thesis title: Performance evaluation of continuous and fed batch sequential moving bed reactors for removal of phenol, thiocyanate and ammonia-nitrogen from wastewater. Bedabrata Saha Thesis defended: Thesis title: Interaction of proteins and ions at different tailor-made solid liquid interfaces, Co supervisor: Prof.

Bedabrata Saha is currently doing postdoc at Netherland. Potsangbam Albino Kumar Thesis defended: Thesis title: Heavy metal removal and recovery using functionalized polymers in aqueous environment, Co supervisor: Prof.

Selective adsorption of metal ions by chemically-modified MCM-41

Present research group. Thesis title: Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactors for treating wastewater laden with phenol, thiocyanate , ammonium and nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds. Thesis title: Treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater by anoxic-aerobic sequential moving bed reactors.

Sayanti Ghosh July, ongoing ; Aerobic granular reactor for hydrocarbon rich wastewater treatment. Shweta Singh July, ongoing ; Research area: Treatment of acid mine drainage in constructed wetland. Anjishnu Biswas July ongoing ; Course work completed. Christy Benny December, ongoing : Comprehensive examination completed.


Tech thesis supervision. Bhupendra Nautial : : Treatment of dairy industry wastewater in constructed wetland. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 32 2 , , Journal of Applied Polymer Science, , , Carbohydrate Polymers, 83, , AndSoleimani, M.

Korean J. Energy Procedia, 56, , Bioresource Technology, , , Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Chemistry, , , Arthospira platensis are free-floating filamentous cyanobacteria with cylindrical, multicellular trichomes. It belongs to blue-green algae family, is an alternative source of protein for human food and feed purposes.

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Other than protein, it contains polysaccharides, lipids, and vitamins. It is made up of many functional groups such as carboxyl, hydroxyl, sulphate and other charged groups which are responsible for metal binding [ 13 ].

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The size of this unicellular organism is between 0. Algae in metal containing localities tend to concentrate metal from ambient water and pass them to higher tropic level.