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See, for example, Matthew 7 —14 and 22 — Di Berardino, M. The Sciences 37 , 32— Hart, R. The Sciences 37 , 47— Brock, D. Bouchard, T. The Sciences 37 , 52— Feinberg, J. Jonas, H. See, for example, the discussion of this issue in Bouchard, pp. Kitcher, P. The Sciences 37, 58— Bibliography Bilger, B. The Sciences 37 , 17— CrossRef Google Scholar. Callahan, D.

Essay on Human Cloning: Is it Ethical or Not? - Words | Cram

Los Angeles Times, November 12 , B7. Donceel, J. This was one of the major advances in cloning since the s. There are three different types of cloning, and they all are used for different experimentations…. The Ethics of Cloning What makes something ethical?

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A process or action is considered ethical if it is in accordance with the accepted rules for behavior Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Based on this definition one can determine if a process or action is considered ethical. Cloning is an ethical process that is life changing for individuals that suffer from genetic diseases, spinal cord injuries, infertility, and organ failure.

Cloning used to eliminate genetic diseases, reconstruction of spinal cords…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua: first primates born using Dolly the sheep cloning method

Show More. They also believed that scientists who took such actions would be punished by God.

Similarly enough, a majority of scientists thought human cloning was unethical as well, but their reasoning was more vague. Some focused on the potential of therapeutic cloning. In the context of progress and potential, scientists seemed optimistic of therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning is the process of growing human tissue or organs to help cure diseases and cancers.

The scientists believed that it would help save many lives. Human cloning can also have other negative effects besides health problems. The authors also stated that the clones might be treated like products in a commercialized business. Essay The Ethical Considerations Of Human Cloning To be ethical, in terms of biological research and using new biological technologies, means that science should not offend any groups of people by doing something that angers them.

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