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In order to compensate for his lack of control in the situation, Hally takes to hurling insults at Sam, who is actively trying to pacify the marauding emotions of a teenage boy to no avail. Within the text the protagonist Sam appears to be the voice of reason as well as the primary proponent of peace Jacobus, From reprimanding his foil character Willie for beating his wife to restraining himself with saint-like temperance during the climax, Sam never acts illogically or violently Jacobus, The super-objective of Sam therefore is to maintain order and harmony in an otherwise chaotic household rooted in an already racially oppressive regime.

Tactics such as relating a heartfelt memory in the form of a story distraction , attempting to reason with Hally as to convince him to check his reaction reasoning , and when all else fails parental-like reprimanding appeal to authority all reinforce the image of Sam as a peaceful, reasonable protagonist.

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Opposite this cool, collective nature exists our second protagonist: Hally. Hosting underlying supremacist ideology, Hally exhibits all of the emotional inconsistencies of a teenage boy along with the inability to properly handle stress.

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From the point of attack until the moment of engagement one can see examples of Hally talking down to Sam despite the age difference and authoritative roles between the two. I showed it to you in black and white. Unable to convince his mother of detaining his father at the hospital for a longer time, Hally slips from the angry boy he once was upon initially hearing the news into an irate, power-starved child Jacobus, At this point all civil facades are dashed by Hally in a vain attempt to solidify his own importance though coupled with the genuine emotional struggle of a young boy at odds with his father.

Searching for an outlet the rising action of the play takes a dramatic turn from a slight incline to a steep hill as Hally visibly changes gears from distraught and confused to violently offensive. Nobody does.

Master Harold... and the Boys Essay

Speaking carefully as his shame turns to rage at Sam. Very careful! Leave me and my father alone! Jacobus, Here, the author transitions the rising action from its lackadaisical yet worrisome progression to a full sprint towards a disastrous climax as Hally finds a socially acceptable outlet for his rage. Super-objectives clash as Hally refuses to relent and release his foothold of authority despite taking the friendship into dangerously precarious territory.

At this point the climax is in full swing, but it is not yet complete as Hally still refuses to desist.

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Instead of realizing the pain he has caused his lifelong guardian, the pious boy instead spits in the face of Sam in order to further satisfy his authority. Enraged at this disrespectful act, Sam mulls over the idea of striking the boy the put him in his place. Realizing the implications of this perceived action either death or exile , the Basuto servant instead decides to relate the rest of the kite story to Hally, providing details that were previously omitted. It was not due to work that Sam was unable to join Hally on the park bench many years ago; it was due to the racist institution of apartheid that barred interracial friendships and meeting points.

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Master Harold And The Boys Essay

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Master Harold and the Boys Essay

Consider how Arthur's actions and personality agree with or challenge your definition of honor. Write a few sentences comparing your definition from Journal 1. Write a brief paragraph explaining the importance or unimportance of loyalty in being honorable.