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The planets have been divided into two groups — Terrestrial Planets and Giant Planets. Planets vary based on their size, geological features, mass, number of satellites and various other factors. No traces of life have been found on any planet apart from Earth. There are five dwarf planets in our solar system. While Ceres is situated in the asteroid belt others are located in the outer solar system. Dwarf planets are quite like the full size planets. The only difference is that the full size planets have cleared the objects in the area of their orbit whereas the dwarf planets have not.

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Astronomers claim that there are six other objects in our solar system that are akin to the dwarf planets. These may be officially recognized as dwarf planets in the times to come. There are a total of moons in our solar system as per a research conducted in the year Out of these, moons orbit around the full size planets and 8 moons revolve around the dwarf planets. Moons come in various sizes and shapes. They differ from each other in various ways. Most of the moons are airless.